Q: What is Independent Living?
A: Independent Living refers to the ability of residents to live in their own private apartments, while receiving just the right level of services they need to stay independent.

Q: What is Assisted Living?
A: Assisted Living offers all the comforts of home with the added benefit of individualized assistance with day-to-day activities while still retaining independence and privacy. Assistance can include dressing, bathing, and toileting.

Q: What is Short Term Rehab?
A: Short Term Rehab focuses on the goal of bringing residents back home after surgery or illness.

Q: What is Long-Term Care?
A: Long-term care provides residents with a wide –range of Medicare-Certified skilled nursing, medical, and rehabilitation services.

Q: How many Residents do you have?
A: Independent Living: There are a total of 39 apartments and with a possibility of 53 residents.
Assisted Living: There are a total of 18 rooms, with a possibility of 35 residents.
Skilled Nursing and Rehab: There are a total of 26 rooms with a possibility of 60 residents.

Q: Who owns the facility?
A: The property is owned and managed by the Fox Family.

Q: What kind of security do you have?
A: Independent Living: There is a very sophisticated emergency alert system in each apartment for an immediate response in case of need. Each resident is provided with a lifeline upon move-in to wear at all times. Also, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Assisted Living: Each room is also provided with a call button for immediate response in case of need. Alternate exits for the building are passable with a code. The main entrance remains open until the evening hours, and staff is on duty 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Skilled Nursing: Each room is also provided with a call button for immediate response in case of need. Alternate exits for the building are passable with a code. The main entrance remains open until 8pm, with visitors needing to be buzzed in after that time. Staff is on duty 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Q: Are the apartments quiet?
A: You’ll find that your apartment is especially well insulated to reduce and eliminate sounds. This is a high–quality structure. All floors are covered in 2 inches of gypercrete. They are well insulated to ensure your privacy.

Q: Are there kitchens in the apartments so that Residents can cook if they choose?
A: Dinner is included in our monthly fee. Lunch can also be provided for an additional charge. Residents can also choose to cook their own meals in their fully appointed kitchen.

Q: Is there a place to park my car?
A: Yes, there is parking for all residents, visitors, family and guests. Valet service is available in Inclement weather at no charge.

Q: Do you have Laundry and valet service?
A: Laundry is provided every day at no additional charge for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents. Laundry services are available to Independent Living residents for a small additional fee, but there are washers and dryers provided on each floor that residents may use at no charge. A flat linen service is included in the monthly fee. Presswell Cleaners will also pick up and deliver to the Peachtree Inn.

Q: Do you have storage for the residents?
A: Each resident in skilled nursing receives a closet, chest and end table for all of their belongings. Residents in assisted living can bring in any additional furniture besides the closet, chest and end table that are provided to fit their belongings. Each apartment in the independent living is provided with ample closet space. There is also additional storage within the Peachtree Inn.

Q: What about housekeeping service?
A: Residents in Skilled Nursing are provided with daily housekeeping at no additional cost, while Assisted Living residents receive housekeeping twice weekly. Independent Living residents are also provided with housekeeping service at no additional cost. Housekeeping is a weekly or daily dusting, cleaning of the bathroom(s) and kitchen, and a change of bed linens and vacuuming weekly.

Q: Do you have cable television?
A: Yes, cable television will be provided at an additional charge.

Q: Do your two-bedroom apartments have two baths?
A: Yes, all of our two-bedroom units have two baths (one contains a tub unit and the other a shower stall).

Q: Can I have a guests stay in my apartment for a few days?
A: We welcome your guests. There is no problem with their visiting, but we ask that you give us advance notice of 24 hours. There is a $9.00 charge if guests decide to eat their meals in the dining room.

Q: Do you have guest rooms?
A: Yes, it may be reserved at the front desk of the Peachtree Inn. The daily charge for a guest room is $75.00, which includes dinner. We also have respite suites, which provide our full range of services; they are available on a temporary basis. Guest rooms are based on availability.

Q: Are my guests permitted to eat with me in the dining rooms? If so, what is the cost?
A: Yes, your guests are welcome to join you in the dining rooms. All you need to do is call ahead (a day in advance if possible) to make a reservation. The fee for the guest meals can be found in your schedule of charges.

Q: Can we have pets?
A: The Orchards is a pet friendly environment. If you currently own a pet, we accept cats or dogs less than 40lbs.

Q: Are there individual heating and air conditioning controls in most units?
A: Most units are equipped with individual controls, however some units are controlled by a computerized energy management system for your comfort.

Q: If I become ill, what happens?
A: Our staff is on call around the clock. Each resident is provided with a lifeline or emergency call button that rings in to staff. If you require additional care temporarily, we will help arrange for it through our in-home assisted living agency.

Q: Do you furnish transportation?
A: We have a van to accommodate special events and activities. If further transportation is needed, it can be set up through our in-home assisted living agency.

Q: Are there exercise and recreation rooms?
A: Yes, we have an exercise room, multipurpose room, card room, and library for the use and enjoyment of all our residents. Exercise activities are also planned by the Activity Directors in each building.

Q: What kind of activities do you offer?
A: Activities are held within each building and elsewhere. Our Activity Directors plan a full program of recreations. Activities, trips, events, and seminars for a wide range of interests are provided.

Q: Do you have a beauty salon or barbershop?
A: Yes, we can accommodate the needs of both male and female residents in our salon. Call the front desk of any building to assist in making an appointment.

Q: Who pays for utilities?
A: Electricity charges are included in the monthly fee. The only utility expenses are your personal telephone, cable TV, and Internet.

Q: What are the dining options?
A: Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents are provided with three meals a day, while Independent Living residents are provided with Dinner. Each of the meals will be served in the dining room. The Orchards features “Restaurant Style Dining,” which gives residents more choices for their meals. Residents can order meals off of a menu, just like in a restaurant. If the resident is under the weather or not up to eating in the dining room, the meal can be delivered.

For answers to these questions, or others, please call (304) 387-0101

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